“When writing a biography, I’ve always felt like I wanted to start it out by saying “I grew up in a log cabin…” It isn’t true by any means, but it’s always a humorous thing to say. Are people really born in log cabins still?”


The best adjectives I could use to accurately describe myself would be: aloof, blunt, and controlling. The ABC’s of SurpriseEnema, I suppose. I prefer my social interactions to be like an interview, short… to the point… and formal. The irony is I thrive in customer service like positions and have found myself to be very friendly with people… it is just that I do not enjoy it. I believe people have a role to play in this world, and we are all capable of creating our own universe… our own destiny. Being a part of TandemShock is my way of saying “I don’t need to be a part of something that already exists and to strive for that standard… I can create my own.”

I’m a living, breathing contradiction and I am fine with that. I’m emotionally driven, and yet distant in my delivery. I do not hold on to regrets and I don’t enjoy when other people do. Everything is an open subject for me, and I tend to overstep my boundaries when other people are directly involved in a discussion. I’m an apologizer, but hate when people apologize to me.

Examples of my favorite things:

  • Being annoyed (it motivates me).
  • Pressure and submissiveness (I am always placed in a leadership role, not out of choice, but out of process of elimination).
  • Small animals.
  • Being loud, yet demanding other people are quiet around me.
  • French Fries.
  • Kylie Minogue.
  • Being told that I should read a book, when I really do not want to.
  • Being adored, yet being told I’m not needed, but rather wanted (needing something should be reserved for air, free speech, and food… not love).
  • TandemShock (it seems rather silly, but this has been a culmination of a lot of long hours, arguing, indifference, and motivation that has created this entity. I enjoy it and am proud of the work that is being done not only by myself, but by Pulse Commander and everyone involved past, present, and future).
  • The Evolution of thought (part of being a contradiction is being told that I always seem to have an ever changing opinion. I honestly cannot keep up with everything I say, and have relied on not only a podcast but my writing to do that for me. However, I value when someone can evolve or have an open-mind to various routes that could be taken when regarding an issue. I don’t see it as contradictory, but rather allowing a discussion to exist and offer a multitude of questions or answers. We’re allowed to change our minds. We’re allowed to say one thing one day, and another the next. Fundamentally I hold true to my beliefs, but my opinions are always varied.).