It’s October, which means Halloween-themed everything here at TandemShock. So what’s this week’s best D&D 5e Monster for Halloween? Why, it’s the Werewolf!

werewolfWizards of the Coast

Werewolf, pg. 211

The werewolf is such a tried-and-true movie monster, and honestly if it wasn’t in the Dungeons and Dragons monster manual, it would be missing out on some amazing abilities and adventures.

What is It: The werewolf is described as a “savage predator” that while in humanoid form has heightened senses and is always pissed off. It also enjoys rare meat (delicious). While it is in its wolf form it is deadly, but its more fearsome form is definitely its hybrid form. This is seen as a overtly muscled humanoid with a wolf’s head.

Anyone can be bitten by a werewolf and the monster manual provides statistics concerning what benefits/ consequences the player can get by being bitten.

OMG: The original bad ass in any form of horror, the werewolf in D&D is quite a tough guy. He has a fairly good challenge rating and has the special ability of being able to multi-attack while in human or hybrid form. It is very basic when in hybrid form: it can only bite and use its claws. However, in humanoid form it can use a spear.

The werewolf has been encountered in Episode 10 of Super Dungeon Tower Fun Time, which goes live on October 15th. You can check it out over at as well as other episodes already published as of the publishing of this article.

Check back every Friday for a new spotlight on the best D&D monsters in the 5e Monster Manual.

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