Final Fantasy XIV has been a complicated lover of mine for about five years now. We have had our ups and downs, and at first she was a boring person who had nothing to offer but existing.

I used to play as a Mi’qote female, but realized that everyone played that race for a specific purpose… sex. I wasn’t enjoying being objectified so I changed races and have been happy ever since as the strong, yet feminine Roegayden female.

I stuck it out though, and now she has personality, wit, and most importantly… depth. She’s a complex mistress and I am glad I stuck by her for this long.

The newest expansion, Heavensward, has arrived this past month and the world of Eorzea has become even more annoyingly fun that I can’t help but want to spend all my free time exploring her like she was a virgin and I was her first lover. I know I’m not. But the fantasy is still there, and by God am I going to go spelunking in her depths.

Just strolling through the Sea of Clouds, no big deal.

Just strolling through the Sea of Clouds, no big deal.

I took a month off from the game to focus on other things, as well as the fact that content had stalled for the expansion to make it’s debut on everyone’s wallets. So coming back a day before early access, I was hoping my love for the game still existed… and I was proven right beyond a doubt.

It was glorious to be back in the world of Eorzea with people I had connected with and became friends with. It was like the month I took was a vacation from life, and I was coming back home to go about my daily routines. It was great.

The game is beautiful and I can never say enough good things about it.

The newest additions are areas (such as The Churning Mists, Ishgard, and my personal favorite The Dravanian Hinterlands) as well as new jobs that start at level 30 for anyone who has gone through the main story.



Those jobs: Machinist, Dark Knight, and Astrologian.

My favorite: Astrologian

Why: I have never been one to want to play as a healer in any game, as that’s too much responsibility and I would be afraid someone would die because I looked away for 0.5 seconds. TOO MUCH PRESSURE! I don’t think I could have done it. However, Astrologian is a good middle-ground healer that takes some interesting dynamics from Conjurer (the original Healer of the game) and Scholar (the Book loving Healer).

Astrologian, Level 50

Astrologian, Level 50

The card system is neat and I am glad they are investing time in making interesting classes/jobs for players to enjoy. You can help heal a character and keep them happy and healthy all at the same time. I love the buffing system with the tarot cards. I’m sure it helps, even if no one would admit that it does.

So for this week, I am completely obsessed with Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward. You can play it on the PS3, PS4, and the PC. It was available on the Mac, but it turns out that something went wrong with porting the game and it is not being allowed to continue being used as a viable gaming option. Which sucks, I suppose. I personally play on the PS4 so no problems for me! (LOL)

If you play the game and are on the Diabolos server, come find me and say “hello!”  I’m always willing to help anyone who wants it and can do most dungeons without complaining… too much! (LOL)

Bard Level 59

Bard Level 59


If you want to see some of the action for yourself, check out the video below of me playing as an Astrologian in the Stone Vigil, a low 40’s dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV!

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