With the Halloween season in full gear, this week’s monster is of course something you would find in any horror-themed dungeon crawl/special event.


The Vampire

The Vampire is quite a lovely creature. Always mysterious and careful to do what it needs to do, we only encounter them if we’re high enough in level, or whenever they want to be an awesome plot point without actually killing anyone. With a challenge rating of 13, the vampire is not the kind of monster you want to deal with.

Blood Lust: The vampire hungers for the blood of the living. They hate sunlight and a single ray of beautiful sunshine can burn the hell out of them. This makes them a night-only monster, because why the hell would they be in the sunlight!? Most vampires are educated and will surround themselves with art, music, and literature. They also may develop a fascination with children as youth is a desirable trait to have in a living creature.

Born from Their Own Death: Most victims of a vampire become vicious, blood-thirsty creatures that crave the same things that a vampire does, but are under their master’s control. If the master makes the decision to allow it’s slave to suckle on it’s own blood however, the victim becomes a true vampire and is no longer under their master’s control. The only other way for a victim to regain control over their own life (or lack thereof) is the death of the vampire who bit them.

Stuck in a Box: The Vampire is bound to their coffin, grave site, or crypt. If they were not given a formal burial, they must rest by burying themselves within a foot of earth at the place it became a vampire. They are able to move their burial space, becoming travelers if they desire to do so.

Special Traits: Vampires and their spawn do not need air. A Vampire has the use of Darkvision, seeing up to 120 ft. It is able to shape-change, preferring the bat as its usual polyform. The interesting thing though is that a vampire cannot enter a home of someone without expressed permission. It’s very much True Blood. The vampire can attack twice per round.


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