FernGully here doing what I do best: watching TV shows and providing a moment by moment reaction. With Gotham starting up for season two, it was only appropriately start this new editorial series with the DC branded Fox Show.

Gotham premiers a new episode every Monday at 8EST/7CST.

Be advised that this recap is a moment-by-moment recap as I was watching the program. Spoilers Below!


I love this show, so having season two start up was something of an event for me.

1 minute in: they’ve found what I assume to be the bat cave. I screamed a little inside honestly.

1.5 minutes in: oh crap… The penguin is not playing around. I love this show!

2 minutes in: oh shit, Barbara Keen is in Arkham Asylum. Oh shit. She’s looking at the Joker. Oh it’s on!

3 minutes in: yes! Kick some ass Gordon!

5 minutes in: oh crap Nygma is talking to himself. I enjoy this version of the character. He has a complexity that Jim Carrey couldn’t show.

6 minutes in: I hate Commissioner Loeb. He’s such a douche. I always admire that Chief has Gordon’s back. It’s nice to see that in all the corruption that’s around, there are some good cops in Gotham. Wait Detective is gone!? No!

Within 7 minutes of the show and I’m already gearing up for what they have in store. The thing I know I’ll miss is Fish Mooney. She was such a great character.

10 minutes in: why does there always have to be a sexy scene between attractive people? Why can’t they be in sweat pants and watching Gotham’s Most Wanted or something?

11 minutes in: Omg! She has a prison dress. That’s awesome. It’s even tight-fitting with a lovely heart cut top. Quite lovely for Barbara. The Joker is making me uncomfortable (probably because I hate clowns).

Barbara is fucking nuts! I love it. You know who she reminds me of? Michelle Pheifer’s Selena Kyle. That twisted mentality but there’s a vulnerability attached.

14 minutes in: Cobblepot! He’s a mob boss now? Damn. A lot has happened. Oh shit. Gordon is working with Penguin. This will be terrible, yet awesome.

Selena is working for Penguin? Very Batman Returns. I like that the penguin is one step ahead of Gordon concerning what he wants. I feel bad that he has to go to Cobblepot for assistance, but damn. And of course Penguin asks for “a favor” in return. This won’t be good.

Second commercial break: the show always feels like there is context missing for someone who doesn’t know the canon involved. But there is a certain nuance that comes with being able to create your own alternate universe using the same characters. Gordon is using the darker parts of his connections and it’s either going to bite him in the ass or… Bite him in the ass.

21 minutes in: oh shit, he’s a bartender now? Eh, whatever pays the bills. At least he is still on the show. He’s a good actor.

22 minutes in: hahaha. They’ve been trying to get into the bat cave. Gordon really admires Bruce and Alfred it seems. You know their relationship will eventually be strong in the future, but Bruce is aware of the balance that comes with “the greater good.”

“Surely, the right way is sometimes the ugly way.” what an awesome line coming from a young boy.

Oh snap! I love seeing that fireplace open! Bruce is determined to unlock the hidden room. And he does so buy smashing a hammer. Lovely.

25 minutes in: Barbara is really determined to be crazy. I never liked her, I’m sorry. This version of her is nuts. And not in a redeeming way like some other characters.

27 minutes in: Gordon is doing dirty. It’s kind of a turn on. I am enjoying this bad boy Jim we have here. He’s not playing games because he needs to get shit done. It’s sad to see, but you want to see more of it. It’s weird seeing Gordon being chased by cops instead of chasing criminals. The tables have turned.

Third commercial break: a new Peter Pan film? Over it. Honestly, can we do something original here?

32 minutes in: bomb making? Bruce is determined to get into the secret bat cave. I can understand Alfred’s feelings towards the situation, but it makes sense that Bruce wants in. Can I just say that Alfred is awesome?

34 minutes in: Penguin is such an asshole that of course he would fuck with Jim. Come on! Oh shit, Barbara got a cell phone! She is batshit crazy and of course she is going to play on Jim’s heart strings. Total sociopath. He hangs up on her, but of course she calls again. Crazy bitch.

“I did a bad thing.” You sure did Jim. You sure did.

37 minutes in: I don’t care that Commissioner Loeb is getting fucked with. Oh shit! It’s a cut-off head!

Fourth commercial break: I have to say, this episode is much darker than most that I’ve seen from the show. It makes sense as its subtitled “The Rise of the Villains” but a cut-off head appearing to me is like when Fish ripped out her own eyeball (the best scene ever in any show!).

42 minutes in: Penguin and the Commissioner is an interesting interaction. Both very powerful in different ways.  Victor really wants to kill someone, so you can see it in his eyes.

Loeb refuses to let Jim back on the force, and Penguin (oddly a man of his word) must keep his part of the deal. What does Loeb agree to!?

Oh shit! Loeb is being forced to resign! That’s awesome! I got out of my seat when this scene started to go on, honestly. I have never been fond of Loeb and he was always an asshole to Gordon, so this is something he deserves! I find it interesting the person speaking for Loeb is Theo Galavan. Things are churning away as we watch on.

45 minutes in: Lovely. Another crazy person (Apparently calling himself Zarnon). Barbara wants to get out so fucking badly. Now back to Loeb pissed off about his resignation. This is truly what needed to happen. Fuck you Loeb. You asshole.

Ok. Back to crazy people. Zarnon is made of some type of gas? What the fuck!? Oh shit! What’s going on!? Who is the sexy dark beauty with the gas mask? I can’t wait to find out.

48 minutes in: “it’s gonna be a new day.” Haha. Yeah, right. And of course Barbara is one of the escaped intimates from the scene before. Seriously? The funding for mental institutions is shit.

Fifth commercial break: I have to grab more iced tea. One of the most appealing things about a TV show that adapts a comic or book is that it offers a new perspective over the content.

51 minutes in: Theo Galavan has broken people out? Snap. I’m intrigued. The Joker is such an interesting character in this version.

Wait, is Theo building the Suicide Squad!? Wouldn’t it be awesome if Barbara turned out to be Harley Quinn? Did Harley already appear? I have to google this.

54 minutes in: oh shit. They built the explosive device. Bruce and Alfred are fascinating in their determination. More Bruce than Alfred, but still. There’s a great comradery that exists between the two. More equals than servant/master.

And I was right! It’s the fucking bat cave. Or at least an early version of it. And of course Bruce was suppose to find it because there is a letter addressed to him at the desk.

Bruce’s father told him the entry code: Bruce. Hilarious. This is the necessary emotional bit that Bruce needs to go through to further his path to becoming the Batman.

Gordon is preparing to be part of the police force again while Bruce reads his father’s letter.

With that, I’m left thinking “this is going to be a good season.” The Villains will rise as Gotham explains and it’s interesting to see the dynamics that will happen. I’m left wanting more, which is a good thing. But one must realize that I’m a fan of comic books. I have an investment towards these characters but not so much as most people would be assholes about the differences in character versions. I can remove myself from the content and canon and appreciate a new twist on beloved characters.

Make sure to watch Gotham every Monday at 8EST/7CST on Fox or the next day on Hulu and Fox Now.

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