Listen, we’re all allowed to have our own opinions about different things. It’s just the way things are in this world.

However, everyone is seemingly upset over Caitlyn Jenner’s thoughts concerning gay marriage; comments she made on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This happened around a week ago, but the interesting thing is, Ellen is discussing this now, stating: ““She said ‘if the word marriage is that important’ …and I was like, ‘it is, because that’s the word!’. We want the same thing as everybody.”

Now, I watched the segment and she simply stated that she was opposed to gay marriage prior to her transition and that she has learned and been more exposed to the world that she is now part of.  However, it seems that everyone is missing this simple piece of information and have focused mainly on “She opposed gay marriage” and have not looked into any other information other than that.

My problem: It really drives me insane when people refuse to look past the title of a piece of news. When someone see the title “Ellen DeGeneres ‘can’t understand’ Caitlyn Jenner opposing equal marriage” they do not take any other information other than that.

This is followed by the stupid, and sadly common, act of sharing the story the title comes from and stating things such as “I can’t understand either” or “Why would she? She is now Bruce to me.”

Two things with those comments (actual comments I found concerning the article): You can’t understand because you didn’t bother to read it you twat. Secondly, She is not Bruce… she is Caitlyn. Caitlyn Marie Jenner. She is a transgender woman who deserves the respect she has earned by being her authentic self. If you want to sully that by being a cunt, be my guest… but realize no one will take you seriously. You’re a vile person.

Caitlyn is allowed to be a Republican. She is allowed to be Transgender. She is allowed to be a lesbian (which, if you have watched I am Cait like I have, you would assume she might eventually be labeled as such). Regardless of whatever she wants to be, you don’t have the right to respond to things you are clearly ill-informed about.

I support someone who refused to completely change every single thing about themselves because of who they are on the outside or what community they belong to. I am in the same boat as her. I may be part of a community, but I am not an advocate or a participant in all the ideology that exists in it.

Ellen DeGeneres can question the validity of Jenner’s thoughts, and that is fine too. That is not what this post is about. This post is simply asking every human being who uses social media: READ A BLOODY ARTICLE BEFORE YOU PASS JUDGEMENT. Learn about all sides, and gather information as much as possible before you jump the gun.

I don't want to sound like an asshole but...

I don’t want to sound like an asshole but…

I know, I know… the media has created this need to have 6 second attention spans. We rely on Facebook sharing, tweets, and Instagram posts to get our information. We don’t bother to put CNN, or NPR, fuck… even Fox News on our smartphones and tablets to check the news.

You know what’s a good thing to do: how about you read something, think to yourself “oh… well, let me see what other outlets say… oh, OK.” and create your own thought, rather than relying on simple titles on articles that are meant to merely catch your attention. Stop being such a social warrior and be a social investigator. You’ll benefit.

I really am curious to how this world got so bubble-wrapped to protect everyone’s feelings? I remember always being told to “be the bigger person” and “it makes you grow a tougher skin” not “you can sue if you don’t like it” and “you’re impeding on my first amendment rights.” No, no we are not. In fact, by you demanding that we suffer consequences for speaking our free speech, you are therefore impeding on mine.

This reminds me of the stupidity that is “trigger words.” The Washington Post published an article recently about how a bunch of students have, in essence, demanded that faculty and staff be properly trained in the use of “trigger words” as well as having disclaimers concerning the potential topics being discuss, with further emphasis that they shouldn’t be necessarily PART of the education experience, but an extracurricular. Are you fucking serious?

Seriously? I just can’t. If you need a fucking warning label on your textbooks like you need one on your cigarettes, music, and hot coffee… maybe you shouldn’t be part of the experience that is academia. If your feelings are so dang fragile that you need to make sure everyone validates your soapy bullshit, you need to get out of academia. If you feel that ancient texts will somehow create flashbacks for people who have been to war, raped, witnessed a murder etc., then you need to get out of academia. You’re driving me insane with your stupidity.

I’m all for accepting people for who they are, but if you need to make sure the bowling lane that is your life has the blown-up side rails, and then further demand that everyone else’s lanes need to have them as well because you don’t want to be isolated, then you need to reevaluate your life and figure your shit out.

I don’t play bowling with no damn blown-up side-rails. I don’t wear floaties when I swim. I don’t require to be spoon-fed. You know who does need all those things? Children. Are you a child? I would assume you’re not, because you’re probably servicing your hipster boyfriend who only drinks organic, cage free, full-roasted, Ecuadorian coffee and carries a skateboard (who belonged to his second-cousin’s twin brothers best friends uncle who once hung out with Blink 182, and that’s so vintage) but doesn’t ride it.

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