Halloween is fast-approaching, and why not spotlight some favourite D&D monsters that could easily fit in a Halloween-themed dungeon crawl or mini-adventure? This week, we spotlight…

HellhoundWizards of the Coast

The Hell Hound

One of the most monstrous, the fire-breathing hell hound takes the form of a dog and is found mainly in the Lower Planes. Within the Material Plane, you can find a hell hound as a companion to demons, fire giants, and other fire-themed, Hades-themed creatures.

Pack-Like Mentality: Like most dogs, hell hounds hunt primarily in packs, feeding on any creature that appears to be edible. If encountering a party, hell hounds will attack the weakest prey instead of the stronger foes.

When a hell hound eats, the meat they devour stokes the flames that burn within. When they die, they are consumed by the fire that lies in them, leaving nothing more of tufts of burnt fur from a fiery explosion.

Evil to the Core: Smarter than their non-death-like brothers, hell hounds abide by lawful rules and make excellent pets while taking orders. This makes it difficult to control for anything other than evil. If it is not allowed to kill and be evil, it will turn on its master.

Traits: It has keen hearing and an excellent sense of smell, which gives it a Wisdom check advantage on anything that relies on either sense. It also has an attack advantage if another ally is within 5 feet of it and isn’t incapacitated.

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