With all this Kim Davis crap running around, I just thought I would point something out: gay marriage didn’t become “law” by any means.

What happened was the SCOTUS decided that The Constitution guaranteed equal rights towards the concept of marriage to all citizens of the United States. No laws were actually created, nor did any laws become invalid or altered to accommodate the decision made by the Supreme Court. Remember: all that was said was “if you are a citizen of this country, you have the right to marry the person you love without discrimination.” You are provided the equality that everyone deserves.

That being said, Mrs. Kim Davis has every right to feel the way she feels concerning her position on the issue of equality, however she does not have a right to deny services she is under oath to provide to anyone who is qualified to marry in her county under the federal and state guidelines.

Her religious “freedoms” are not being attacked; she is being held accountable to her job and her lack of doing said task.
No one is attacking her religion, no one is going to burn in hell fire, and no one is going to start marrying their pets.

One of the reasons why I admire this country is the fact that we can be both stupid and intelligent at the same time. There is a certain nuance that comes with being an American, and we do it damn well.

But let me just reiterate: no law was CREATED stating that gay marriage is legal. The SCOTUS DECIDED that the union between two men or two women was deemed protected by the EXISTING laws within the Federal Government, and in effect are deemed to be recognized at the State level.

Kim Davis can believe in whatever version of the Bible she wants to believe in… she has that right. But, as a government official, she is required to respect the diversity that she will encounter in the work place… as she is a publicly elected official whose only job is to make sure that when two people apply to be legally married under the state of Kentucky, that they are of legal age… not being held against their will… and not like, a dog or something. That’s it! Seriously, that’s all. Nothing more.
Prior to June 2015, yes… she also could use the basis of gender in her determination on whether two people can marry, but now she cannot. She has tried… and she was jailed for being so “Christian.”

Also, just to ask: I thought the concept of Christianity believed in loving everyone equally and not judging anyone as God is the only person qualified enough to judge when the end of their life happens. Am I wrong? Honestly, am I? I’m confused by all of this.

If you agree with Mrs. Davis, then so be it. You have that right. If you don’t, then so be it. You have that right as well.

But please… can we all just agree on one thing: braided belts are disgusting and need to stop being manufactured. Ugh.

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