With October in full swing, it’s only right to offer the best Halloween-type monsters from the 5th Edition D&D Monster Manual. So this week, we offer…


Night Hag

The Night Hag is part of the family of Hags, which include the Green Hag and Sea Hag.

How Hags Are Made: When a hag decides to create another hag, it does so by finding an infant and devouring it. Once it has eaten the child, it takes a week before the Hag births a female child. This child looks perfectly normal, except when it turns 13. Then, it becomes visually and mentally the same as its mother hag. Hags can choose to raise their children, creating covens. They can also return the child to its parents, watching in the background until the child comes of age and becomes a hag.

A Foul Fey: Hags love the macabre, and often dress themselves in numerous dead items, like cat skulls and skin. They enjoy popping pimples and picking at wounds, causing infections and open sores. They do everything in their power to be as disgusting as possible.

The Night Hag is a sly and subversive creature. Their primary goal is to make sure everyone who is virtuous turns to villainy. Love turns to hate, kindness to madness, generosity to selfishness. They love corrupting mortals to the ways of evil. They were once creatures from the Feywild, but they were exiled long ago for being foul.

Soul-Suckers: While someone is asleep, the night hag can enter someone’s dreams and introduce them to evil thoughts. While inside, the hag plants seeds of doubt and fear. This is done in hopes that the victim will commit evil acts while awake. Once the hag has started, she will visit nightly to make sure that her prey has been corrupted. Once driven insane, the night hag can trap the soul of her victim in her soul bag: once a human is dead from the Night Hag’s doing, the soul can be trapped and kept in a special bag. To create the bag, the humanoid must take 7 days to make and a sacrifice of a humanoid (the skin is used to make the bag). Once created, it can only hold on evil soul at a time, and only the hag who created the bag can use it to catch a soul.

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