Hi there, Plasma Captain again with another look at The Dream Dictionary From A to Z by Theresa Cheung. I’m back with the next installment of the epic journey I took through the world of my dreams last Tuesday. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s imperative that you do so in order to know what’s going on. Here’s a link to the first article.

It’s best if I just roll right into this one without any further introduction…

Dream B – The Albinos

Alrighty, let’s feed The Dream Dictionary something a little more complicated. Here’s a dream that I have no understanding of, save for minor pop cultural influences at the time. It’s pretty wild; if you can get over the abrupt ending, check it out:

The Albinos (Dream Log #7, 2012)

Hmm… I can probably break it down into multiple themes:

  • Abandoned Places
  • Ape
  • Dark
  • Teacher
  • Throne

Abandoned Places

These scenarios are relatively common across many of my dreams. Cheung interprets this to mean that I feel isolated and rejected (5). I have no further comments for you, witch. Actually, wait, no, I do. There’s still a bunch of article left. I have a feeling it is going to become even more uncomfortable. Clearly, hubris shall be my undoing in this venture.

I should note that looking up “city” also ties back into these same things, particularly in terms of a deserted one (127-128).


There’s a lot of stuff in here about animals in general, which, when taken together, can be pinned down exactly to a dream of being chased by a specifically white-haired ape. Taking all of it into consideration, the book seems to indicate that I was trying to suppress some natural part of my personality, perhaps at an instinctual level. Furthermore, since it was a white ape, maybe I was fleeing from my “unconscious wisdom” and my ability to appreciate the fact that I’m alive and existing (24-25).

Cheung holds nothing back in her brutal smackdown, and still I continue to pursue this article for your potential entertainment.

Dark (Filed under “Landscapes”)

“Dark places in general represent the unconscious” (314). Well, that’s in line with everything else in this dream so far, though it’s vague enough to be widely applicable amongst a variety of dreams. I tend to believe that I have dreams about the night because, well, I don’t enjoy night-time very much, so of course my unconscious mind is going to keep throwing me into the darkness. It seems like a bit of a cliché conclusion to draw, anyway.


There are a few different places in the book where it talks about teachers, but basically it suggests that either I need a guide or that other people look to me for guidance (47, 475). Both have been true. It’s kind of hard to miss with a throw like that, honestly. I imagine that the fact that professors are regular manifestations in my dream world must mean something, but whether it has anything to do with this sort of thing, or whether it just has to do with some deep, lingering feelings toward teachers and the education system, is presently beyond me.


This is one of those cases where there isn’t an entry for anything quite like this. Any mention of royalty is about meeting them instead of the dreamer being or becoming them, which is strangely opposite of most of the other terms I’ve looked up thus far (308, 424). The closest I could come up with was “chair”. Such a bland term. “Chair”. Since it was a cushiony chair, apparently I was seeking protection. Yeah, no shit, there were enormous apes chasing after me. It’s either that, or it’s a symbol of my sexuality. I defy you to explain the connection to the latter. I will accept this in the form of ironically erotic fanfiction.

To Be Continued…

I have to admit that this was a strangely cohesive analysis of the dream, and that it wasn’t that far off with regards to its personal analysis of me as well. After seeing the results here, I picked one last dream to interpret with the book, to round out the experience and to really test its limits. Stop by next week for the exciting conclusion~

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