Literally from the word “magical” (magikaru).

Because of his top hat, like Hanerui, he gets squished down so that he’s about the height of a normal Bomberman. I feel like these compensations greatly modified his figure, since he appears more slender in his artwork, and with a more proportionate hat, but the figure still looks really nice. Magicarui lacks the “melting” effect that plagues some of the other figures in this set, even having four fully-formed fingers behind the cards he carries. Interestingly, he’s carrying the cards in his right hand, whereas in his artwork, they’re in his left hand… Or, er, maybe that’s not interesting at all.


From “marui”, meaning “round”.

Because he’s round.

And yes, his entire name is the root word from which it’s derived!

Since his design is rather simplistic, there’s not a lot to say here. The effects of his being scaled down aren’t felt so much as the other characters when he’s lined up with normal-sized characters, though, and it actually looks rather natural. And, again, all the details are there, even down to the tuft of hair on his forehead and the jagged line around the end of his tail.

World Final Tummy-Slapping Competition 2017.

This guy also has a massive base, so he doesn’t topple easily at all.


From “naguru”, meaning “to hit”.

Unlike Kerui, if he tips back, his tail is positioned in such a way that he actually has a tendency to bounce forward and right himself. He also has the proportionally-smallest snout amongst his peers. Yeah, I’m running out of comments on this guy. This half of the set generally speaks for itself.


From “warui”, meaning “bad”.

You can’t ride him in the game, but you can have him on your shelf! Almost all of his details are there – the only thing he’s missing is that nasty cigar. There are a few oddities on this guy, though. His shades were made to wrap around his face, and so was the fur on his cheeks. It all slicks back in such a way that when Ragey and I saw him for the first time in a low-quality photo, we both wondered if the figurine had been mauled somehow. In person, however, he doesn’t look so bad.

The quirks don’t end there. His forehead tuft has been stylized into a big, flattish spike, and his ears are not just bent in different directions… they’re actually positioned asymmetrically on his head. His right ear is about one ear’s width ahead of his left ear, and it looks really strange if you view him from above.

Lastly, his claws reach down to completely cover his crotch, and let’s just stop talking about this now and move ahead.

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