Pirate Bomber

He has his cutlass and his ball and chain, and appears in a pose nigh identical to that of his artwork. I love the detail on this one, especially that skull emblem. Because of his tall hat, he’s shrunk down considerably compared to the other characters, and he suffers from the same, strange flat-headedness as some of the other figures. His feet are longer, but are angled appropriately so that he stays fairly balanced (the ball helps as well).

Two flavours of Pirate Bomber.

Subordinate Bomber

That’s right. He wasn’t good enough to be considered one of the 8 Fiendish Bombers, and apparently he wasn’t good enough to be left in the Battle Game roster, but he got a keshi made out of him! Subordinate Bomber is in a really strange pose if you look at him too closely, because his upper torso is turned 90 degrees, while his legs are not. I didn’t even know that Bomberman bodies could twist that way, but there you have it. The effect it has gives him that sort of swashbuckling pirate-y visual, so it works.

Also, he’s super-duper short, like in his artwork! Here he is next to a normal Bomberman from this set.

Dave Bomber

Here’s another figure that mostly retains the pose from his artwork, with the minor difference of his right hand being behind his back. Although I do like Dave Bomber, I’m not sure what to say about his figure other than that it is accurate and decently-balanced. He also has that strange flattening effect that is prevalent in this set; this time, it’s his body. Other rounded-bodied Bombers, like Bomber Uhho or Golem Bomber, don’t suffer from this. This really makes me curious about the logistics of the manufacturing of this set.

Too Many Daves!

Gary Bomber

Since both my Dave Bomber and Gary Bomber figures are blue, I guess that really makes them the Blues Brothers… *grooooan*

Gary Bomber has become one of my favourite characters from this game. His sunglasses, his scrawny shape, his manner of dress, his silly butt-wiggling dance. It’s too bad they couldn’t figure these guys’ shades into their in-game sprites. Without them, and without context, it was hard to get the reference back when I first played Super Bomberman 5.

His pose is unique to this figure, possibly to help him stay balanced since he’s so slender. I’m not sure if it’s meant to reference the Blues Brothers’ style of dance, but it reminds me of them. Unfortunately, because he’s so small, his limbs are pretty fragile, so I imagine that some copies will have bent legs. Even mine, without leg problems, has problems toppling due to the orientation of his feet, something that you’d think they could have learned to account for by now (remember Bomber Chun?). As one final note, his antenna is strangely absent. It might just be another case of the sculptor misinterpreting his artwork, since his antenna is not visible in it.

Two Gary Bombers.

For its shortcomings, I do love this figure… though I might be biased.

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