Bomber Cossack

It’s the last of the World Bombers, Bomber Cossack. He’s still smiling, as always, probably due to whatever bizarre mental state forces him to perform the prisyadka for all eternity. He’s appropriately short enough, about the height of Bomber Chun, with his hat taking up almost a third of his entire height. It’s slightly strange to see his beard from the side, since he doesn’t have ears or a jaw to speak of.

Sadly, there are no red variants to collect.

Professor Bagura

The big bad guy himself, and a rare non-Bomber keshi. My copy of Bagura is missing his cape; I will update this entry should I obtain a complete figure. It’s notable that his cape collar is a part of the rest of his body and not the cape itself. This might be so that it can wrap around and connect to the front of his body, which would be hard to pull off with a detachable cape. The hole in his back is smaller than those of most of the later keshi that have attachments, so it won’t accept, say, God Bomber or Bompire’s capes, or any of the Super Bomberman 4 attachments (indeed, regretfully, you cannot have a Professor Bagura wielding Jet Bomber’s jets…  I tried).

One would think that Professor Bagura would be a part of the translucent villains set, alongside his 5 Bad Bombers, but that’s not the case. Maybe they lumped him in with the World Bombers because otherwise they’d only have 9 figures and 10 is a round number? Oh, the mysteries…

As usual, he’s scaled down because he’s so big and tall.

If you saw these guys coming, you'd be pretty Bugglered, ha hah... hah......

If you saw these guys coming, you’d be pretty Bugglered, ha hah… hah……


Sometimes romanized as “Louie”, even though the name “Rui” is clearly a reference to their kangaroo-like appearances, Rui is the last figure in the set. Its inclusion in the set makes sense, due to the focus on the playable characters of the Battle Game – Rui is a staple of Bomberman‘s multiplayer mode. The figure stands about a half a centimeter shorter than the normal keshi, and is ridiculously cute. If you happen to have any of the really tiny figures from the Super Bomberman 4 sets – the ones that are meant to ride atop other creatures or Bombermen – you can sort of put them on Rui’s back. The scaling is coincidentally proper, though you’d need something extra to keep them in place, and I wouldn’t recommend glue or anything equally stupid.

Bomberman doesn't care what he's ridin' as long as he's ridin' dirty.

Bomberman doesn’t care what he’s ridin’ as long as he’s ridin’ dirty.

The colour variants actually sort of fit them.

That’s all for now. Thank you for sticking around through all these pages! I have a whole bunch of other Bomberman keshi standing around on my shelves, but my other sets are either incomplete or are missing attachments… It might be some time before I put forth another one of these articles. Until then, please keep checking in – if you’re into Bomberman so am I, and I talk about it around here a lot!

h/t: Linked artwork comes from the Super Bomberman 3 Japanese manual, scanned by me, and the Super Bomberman Panic Bomber W Japanese manual, scanned by Ragey. Special thanks to a close friend of mine for helping me to complete the vast majority of this set. <3 <3 <3

This article was updated 8/20/2017 to include many more pictures of duplicates, including Professor Bagura, Rui, Cossack Bomber, Metal Bomber, Bomber Kid, Mexican Bomber, Bomber Chun, and Pretty Bomber.

This article was updated again on 11/5/2017 to include more pictures of duplicate Bomberman, Kid, Rui, Cossack, and Pretty, as well as updated information on the Bomberman figure’s supposed identity.

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