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Dec 28FernGully’s First-Annual End of the Year Letter
Dec 19Arctimicia Game – A First Look
Dec 94 Lessons Learned from The Game of Life
Dec 25 of the Weakest Bosses in Bomberman
Nov 25Culture in Bomberman – Myths and Monsters
Nov 18Another Typical Lunch
Nov 16Real-Life Disney Villain Art
Nov 13TandemShock Topics: Minecraft
Nov 11Game Review: Aquattack
Nov 6TandemShock Topics: The Spice Girls
Oct 28Halloween Horrors (3 Short Stories)
Oct 27What’s Your Favorite Dungeons and Dragons Class?
Oct 26Manual Stopping: A Horror Story told In 802 Words
Oct 23D&D 5e Monsters Spotlight, Halloween Edition: Hell Hound
Oct 21How Evil Clowns are Seeping into Reality
Oct 19What is Your Favorite Final Fantasy XIV Class?
Oct 16D&D 5e Monsters Spotlight, Halloween Edition: Vampire
Oct 14Pixel Art Exercise – Tracing
Oct 9D&D 5e Monsters Spotlight, Halloween Edition: Night Hag
Oct 8Who is your favorite Super Dungeon Tower Fun Time Character?
Oct 7Your October Reading List
Oct 6Who is Your Favorite Female Video Game Character? Cast Your Vote!
Oct 2D&D 5e Monsters Spotlight, Halloween Edition: Werewolf
Sep 30Recipes for the Apathetic Individual
Sep 28The Stupidest D&D 5e Monsters: Gelatinous Cube
Sep 25The Best D&D 5e Monsters: Mimic
Sep 234 Beta Mysteries of Bomberman
Sep 21TV Recap: Gotham, Season 2 Episode 1 “Damned If You Do”
Sep 21Dungeon Mastering and Playing a Character: Should You Do It?
Sep 16Game Review: LIMBO
Sep 15Do you Use Spell Cards for Quick References?
Sep 14My Thoughts Lately about Social Justice Warriors
Sep 14Game Review: Tembo the Badass Elephant
Sep 9Game Review: Rain
Sep 7My Thoughts Lately on Kim Davis
Sep 7Game Review: Shiftlings
Sep 2Game Review: Entwined
Aug 31Game Review: Layers of Fear
Aug 26Game Review: Überleben
Aug 24Game Review: Color Guardians
Aug 19Game Review: Brawl
Aug 12Game Review: Space Panic
Aug 5Game Review: Mendel Palace/Quinty
Jul 29Game Review: Illuminator
Jul 27#MusicMonday: RR Remixes
Jul 22Game Review: Mr. Blocko: Super Tournament Edition
Jul 17Movie Review: The Lake House
Jul 15Game Review: Banana Nababa
Jul 8Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Final Fantasy XIV