Hello, everyone! It’s me, FernGully, your trusty Game Master of Super Dungeon Tower Fun Time! and the annoying half of TandemShock!

It’s the end of the year and I just wanted to take a second, so sit right there… I’ll tell you how I became the … uh. I just wanted to just open up on my thoughts of 2015.

The year started out interesting, yet exhausting. With the thought of Planet Comic-Con approaching, Plasma Captain and I wanted to explore new ideas and somehow work together on some really cool shit. We didn’t know then but the idea for TandemShock was growing within us, like an unborn fetus ready to ruin the lives of its undeserving parents.

We encountered the Project Nerd crew doing a presentation on how to run a podcast and the idea was settled: we were going to do our OWN PODCAST and run those ass hats out of town! YAY! In reality, we wanted to work together and the idea for a podcast became even more solid after their presentation. They truly were the ones who convinced us we were capable of doing it and we are proud to say we have. So this is my moment to thank Project Nerd for helping us realize our potential. Thank you.

Ok, enough of that. So how were we going to do a podcast? Ideas were thrown back and forth and we came up with this concept of just chatting with our friends around a mic and just being silly like we always are/were. Plasma Captain was the brain of that idea, but like the douche I am, I conformed it into something that was like it… but nothing like it at all. This was done for several reasons, but mainly due to content as well as subject matter for each episode being reached. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The name… the NAME! I bet you all are wondering, “FernGully, how did you come up with an awesome name like ‘TandemShock’ to represent you both as a whole?” Well, I’ll tell you, my trusty ward. “TandemShock” came in two parts on a quiet Friday night while at Plasma Captain’s Lair of Indifference. We wanted to incorporate both of our online names: “Plasma Captain” and “SurpriseEnema” (my online handle for most things not related to the podcast). Plasma had the idea of taking “Plasma” and “Surprise” and coming up with “SHOCK”. One part down, but we wanted another word to put with it.

After having a delicious meal prepared by Plasma’s butler Mortemoir, I was searching on the Google for something relating to the number 2. I came up with “TANDEM” and ran it by Plasma, who immediately hated it, then loved it… then was rather indifferent by it.

This wasn't our first TandemShock logo design, but it's the only one I'm legally allowed to show you.

This wasn’t our first TandemShock logo design, but it’s the only one I’m legally allowed to show you.

So, the name was set: TandemShock. It was sexy, cool, and would make all the panties drop when hearing it. It was perfect.

Suffice it to say, a lot of work went into the Podcast, which was and still is the cornerstone of our operations here at TandemShock.

The podcast, honestly… was a mess. I won’t go into much detail, but faithful followers of TandemShock since its start in April of 2015 know that the first podcast we did was shit. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of interesting things that were talked about, and I personally will hold those episodes with high regard to not only their content but their delivery. They were fascinating. However, production- and actual conversation-wise… most times they were shit. I personally was irritated throughout most of the process of the first podcast and it went through many changes due to my irritation. This caused Plasma Captain to be just as irritated and there were many arguments due to it.

We got through 24 episodes (around the time Sailor Moon Crystal and Rocket League came out) and we decided to take a break. We took one week to get our bearings and to try and make our experience better. At this time, the website was getting overhauled to how you currently see it while the podcast was being reworked so both Plasma and myself were in agreement of its awesomeness.

I got the idea to do a Dungeons and Dragons podcast for one of several reasons: I wanted some clear content to work with, I also wanted an excuse to get Kai to participate, plus a DnD podcast just seemed like the right fit not only for TandemShock, but for Plasma and myself. It’s something we rather enjoy playing and we wanted to continue it.

This meant that I had to be the Dungeon Master however, which sucks because I love playing. I had never played at the GM/DM and I was scared shitless. However, it has turned out pretty well. I’m not the best, but I try my hardest and damn it… that means something, right?

Anyway, the name for Super Dungeon Tower Fun Time! came at great cost. Many battles were won, and many arguments were had between Plasma and I, but we came up with the name we currently have and use and we are both pleased with it.


Recording was sometimes a bitch. lol.

Recording was sometimes a bitch. lol.

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