As a Dungeon Master, I am always a fan of anyone who stream-lines the process of gameplay for my players and even for myself.

One of the things I did when I played in a 3.5E campaign was use 3×5 cards with all my spells. I had a spell list from a Word document that I had made, but the cards always seemed like a useful item to have.

I thought I was original in this endeavor, but as usual with most ideas, I wasn’t the first one to think this up.

Now, the campaign that is being run is a 5th Edition one with the newest core rule books as well as the Elemental Evil companion that was recently released.

Sure, you can buy the official licensed spell cards from Wizards of the Coast, but why do that? I guess if you are lazy and want to have amazingly durable cards, I suppose.

I like the color the Clerics cards were (the only reason I chose them).Wizards of the Coast

I like the color the Clerics cards were (the only reason I chose them).

But, there is a way to do that without having to spend a lot of money. There are two things you could do, and that I suggest as a DM as well as a player:

1. Use 3×5 cards for your spells, handwriting your information to your liking on the cards.

This is the simplest way of doing things, and you can take an hour tops to get everything sorted.

You can even use pretty colors, I suppose.

You can even use pretty colors, I suppose.

2. You can download this PDF file that I found while sorting out some character spells: 5e_blank_spell_cards.

I like this file because it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is fill in the information from the book (either by typing the information in or finding a PDF version of the Player’s Handbook and copy/pasting the information into the spaces). The PDF file is courtesy of Ronny Hart over at the Dungeon Master Assistance. I have found that his information is useful as a fairly new Dungeon Master. So it’s worth giving him a look.

There is another site that I found interesting that provides spell cards for all the classes that have spells. Check it out over at D&D Next Spell Card Generator over at Hardcodex. It shows you all the spells, but oddly enough, it shows that you can download the PDF file for it, but it has yet to work for me. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I.

I am having my only spellcaster using these cards and hopefully they will find them more useful rather than a list of printed paper that could very well get confusing. The idea of everything being neat and tidy on a simple card should appeal to them. Hopefully.

They play as an Arcane Spellcaster, so I felt like this was appropriate to post.Wizards of the Coast

They play as an Arcane Spellcaster, so I felt like this was appropriate to post.

So, do you have anything you want me to cover concerning D&D 5e? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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