Happy Halloween! A new version of my Bomberman fangame, Bomberman Tower, has been released today! You can get it right here:

Download Bomberman Tower!

Bomberman Tower is a Bomberman-style rogue-lite platformer. It’s like an innovated spiritual sequel to Pocket Bomberman. The game revolves around platforming your way through expansive labyrinths, placing bombs and destroying monsters. You can even place bombs in the air and use them as platforms.

There are 12 normal floors and 3 boss floors in the game (the final release would include 5 more floors). Normal floors are procedurally generated, so you won’t get the same level with the same traps, enemies, and goal every time you play. If you are defeated, that’s it – game over! You only get one chance. If you beat a stage boss, you’ll be able to start the game from the next stage. The game saves your progress automatically.

There are also 4 playable characters, 2 of which are unlocked at the beginning of the game.

The game has been tested on Windows and Mac, but should also work on Linux/UNIX systems. Please let me know if you have any problems running it.

This is still a beta, so there are likely quite a few unnoticed issues. Please let me know if you encounter any errors or glitches or impassable/unfair areas (the levels are procedurally generated, after all). Screenshots would be helpful. A list of currently-known problems is included in the Version Notes, packaged with the game.

In other news, I’ve completed two more Bomberman keshi sets! I’ve taken pictures, so articles will be posted within the coming weeks. Please stay tuned~!

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