(North American) Football Bomberman

His eyes are thinner, longer, and closer together than those of most other figures in this set, a trait only shared with the next figure in this list. It’s a strange quirk. There’s definitely some inconsistency in facial details here.

Baseball Bomberman

I suppose a Bomberman baseball game could have been interesting, too. Possibly. Pretty much any sport that Mario played could have been given a Bomberman twist to make it interesting.

…What’s that, you say? Bomberman Hardball has both baseball and tennis? I applaud you for your obscure knowledge, but straight, basic sports is hardly what I mean. Those later Bomberman titles really lacked creativity.

Basketball Bomberman

It might be hard for you to tell from the pictures and the light colour of this figure, but his eyes look a lot different than those on the snowboard figure. They’re wider and generally more centered.

Not enough players for a team, too many basketballs for a game.

Trophy Bomberman

This Bomberman has a flame-emblazoned trophy! For what sport? Erm… participation? Actually, his outfit kind of reminds me of a karate gi, so maybe that’s the event he’s meant to represent.

That’s all I have for this article! Please check back in the coming weeks, as I have another set I’m preparing to show, and I may even have other Bomberman-related articles in the works!

If you like Bomberman, well, so do I! Obviously! Please take a look at my other articles on the subject. Thanks for reading!

Special thanks to a close friend of mine for gifting me most of these figures, perhaps a couple of years ago.

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