Kendo Bomberman

Kendo is a martial art in which you basically try to hit each other with bamboo sticks. I imagine that people have and will get this figure confused with the fantasy-themed set, but the shape and positioning of the eyes are a distinguishing tell. Anyway, his shinai is a little flimsy, so be careful with it. I do feel that he’s one of the cooler-looking figures in this set, though.

They’re all ready for the big match!

Ice Skating Bomberman

It’s Bomberman wearing ice skates. The thin skates make him easier to topple. Is that… a hood on his back? How would he even wear it?

You’d think they’d have roller skates instead…

Snowboard Bomberman

It’s Bomberman wearing a scarf and boots, riding a snowboard. The eyes on this one are really kind of strange, even compared to similar ones on figures we’ll see a little later. They’re skinny and close together, and it kind of bothers me.

I can't think of a comment. I hope you're not... board.

I can’t think of a comment. I hope you’re not… board.

Baton Bomberman

This one is carrying a baton. I assume it’s for a race, since he’s wearing cute little sneakers. The baton has a bomb on the end of it.

UPDATE (11/13/2017): After obtaining another duplicate of this figure, I’ve now learned that the bomb on the baton is supposed to have a flat fuse spark coming out of it. So many of these guys area broken that I imagine it would be difficult to find one in good condition, like this. Good luck.

As seen on 3 out of 4 of these guys,, the pieces can break if you treat them badly.

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