Bomberman (Type A)

That was the last of the Ruis, and there are only seven of them in the game, so who rounds out the last three slots in the set? Three. Normal. Bombermen. I suppose I can’t entirely fault them, considering how big this set is and how many unique characters they’d already used, but the game did also feature Honey and Kotetsu, and that would have solved the dilemma with much more satisfaction, if you ask me. But, oh well.

You can tell why I said these ones are easier to find.

It’s Bomberman! What more can I say? I would assume that one is White, one is Black, and one is the mocking attempt at a secret unlockable character, Gold, but given that I’ve seen the officially painted version of Bomberman from the Super Bomberman 3 set, and he’s blue of all colours, I can’t be certain here.

Bomberman (Type B)

It’s Bomberman, but this time he’s smiling and waving. The pose is uncannily similar to that of the earlier Indy Bomber. Not much else to say here though. Scooch along…

Seriously, I have so many of these.

Bomberman (Type C)

This guy. This guy, this guy, this guy. He’s only barely different from the “A” variety. It’s basically the same Bomberman, just flipped horizontally, with the arms and legs kind of adjusted to make him slightly more unique.

4, 3, 2… I didn’t plan this order of photos. Coincidence or really dumb curse?

But the really strange thing about this Bomberman is that his pose is almost entirely identical to that of a figure in the translucent Super Bomberman 3 set (sorry, I lack the full set – no article to link to!). This tripped me up for a good few months, since he’s at the same scale, and I legitimately believed that there were translucent figures in this set (but there are not).

The SB3 figure on the right has a Misobon or “revenge” ship to ride, not pictured.

Other than that, he’s just more of the same.

That’s all I have for this article! Please check back now and then, as I do intend to showcase even more keshi in the future. At the time of this writing, I’ve actually completed two more sets, so artciles should be forthcoming in the next few weeks, as time permits.

If you like Bomberman, well, so do I! Obviously! Please take a look at my other articles on the subject. Thanks for reading!

h/t: Special thanks to Ragey for helping me find the vast majority of this set. Did you know that you can follow him on Twitter too? What marvelous times in which we live.

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