Hi, and welcome back to our ongoing catalogue of Bomberman keshi. If you haven’t already, please start at the first post, then check out the list of articles we have on the subject. I’m steadily trying to cover them all, but it’s going to take a while!

Today, I’m focusing on the other half of the keshi from the Super Bomberman 5 series (please check the first article if you haven’t already). There were twenty keshi produced for this line in total, and at the time of this writing, they are still among the rarest to find online. I’ve finally completed my full set of these guys, but it sure took a while!

Unlike the first half of the set, this one is all normal Bombermen and Ruis. Or Rooeys, or… *shudder*… Louies, if you must. From my experiences, the three normal Bomberman figures are among the most common out of this entire set. I imagine this is probably due to greater familiarity, and thus, proper labeling and sorting in online auctions. I could also be completely off the mark.

Something interesting to note about this set is that the keshi are about half of the size of an ordinary Bomberman keshi. The reason for this may be that the set is so large, with twenty unique figures, so manufacturing costs would be mitigated. Another possible reason is that the complex designs they wanted to use would have been easier to produce at a smaller scale. It’s hard to determine the truth of the matter.

Super Bomberman 5  Series

  • Year: Circa 1997
  • Number of figures: 20
  • Figure size: Small (3-4.5cm high, 3-4.5cm wide, 1-3cm deep)
  • Known colours: Blue, purple, white, red


In case you’re unfamiliar with Super Bomberman 5, the Ruis in this game have puns in their names – a portmanteau of a Japanese word and the name “Rui”. In this case, “keru” means “to kick”. In the game, this Rui has the power to kick bombs (which functions the same as the Bomb Punch instead of the Bomb Kick power-up, but that’s a whole other discussion).

Why am I showing a photo of two of the same figure in the same colour? Because I can.

I made some negative remarks about the quality of a few of the keshi in the first half of this set, but some of the figures have really nice detailing, and Kerui is one of them. The tuft of hair on top of his head, his inner ears, the jagged marks on the back of his ears, even down to the football/soccer ball and tiny little stripes on his shirt are all there. The bomb under his foot is a bit flat on the bottom to offer support, but even if his tips back, his tail will catch him.


From “gyaru”. What’s this another female Bomberman character named for her gender instead of her ability? How shocking. It’s worth noting that if you go with the “Louie” localization, her name could easily be rendered as “Galouie”, with the pun intact.

There’s not a lot to write home about regarding this figure. She kind of leans back a bit, which is strange, but it doesn’t seem to impact her balance – indeed, all of the rest of the Ruis have large surface areas on which to stand, so balance is not much of an issue in this half of the set. I was surprised to find that Gyarui’s eyelashes are actually there, engraved upon her face. They are so tiny, trying to see them in the right light is actually a little headache-inducing (I’m sure it’s in no small part due to the fact that mine is white instead of one of the darker variants).


From “haneru”, meaning “to jump”.

I’ve only come across a couple of these figures, and now I have them both. The first one I obtained was actually broken, with everything below the spring completely missing. This threw me for a loop for a while because it left the little fella completely unable to stand unassisted. If you do manage to find him, you probably should try to avoid bending him at all, whatsoever. These things are rare.

Hanerui is about the height of a normal Bomberman in this set, though to compensate for this, his body is scaled down to about half a head shorter than a normal Rui. It’s not as striking as the big guys getting scaled down, though, since he’s already meant to be smaller in-game. As a last, awkwardly-shoehorned-in note, I feel like his face is a whole lot cuter on this figure than it is in his official artwork.

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