Plunder Bomber

Plunder Bomber was always pretty cool, too, if you ask me. His figure’s head is actually properly proportioned, which is striking given the circumstances. Unfortunately, he’s missing the hat on his back, but I assume that has something to do with the size limitations posed for the set. Aside from that, the level detail on his belt, his bandana, and especially on his gun is impressive, and just shows how much care they put into their work.

Blue and purple Plunder Bombers.

Iron Mask Bomber

I always felt that Iron Mask Bomber had one of the best designs in-game, but his artwork seemed silly to me. I suppose I shouldn’t judge too harshly the one Fiendish Bomber who was, by all indications, imprisoned for cold-blooded axe murder. But still, just look at that face.

His figure looks really good from the front or the back, but from the sides, it’s kind of a mess. He was definitely hit the hardest by the problem of flattened depth in this set. Both his head and his body are staggeringly squashed. If you’re putting him on display, you’ll probably only be showing him from the front anyway, but it’s still somewhat disappointing to behold.


Terrorin was one of the most unique villains in the Bomberman franchise. He appears to be some kind of android, but he can chuck tons of bombs. He has no discernible origin, no comprehensible modus operandi, and mysterious powers. And to top it all off, he has a clock for a head. A clock for a head. I really hope Konami gives him the Super Bomberman R treatment, like they did with Professor Bagura. Can you imagine?

Since his head is a clock, the flat-headed sculpt actually works to his advantage here. When I first saw a picture of him, I thought he was giving the thumbs-up, but now that I’ve obtained a copy, it’s clear that his hand is open. It looks like he’s introducing the 8 Fiendish Bombers or something (this is why I put him to the side on the header image). I assume that was the intent. Anyway, this keshi is well-balanced and generally retains the proper details, though they are somewhat skewed. Notably, his bells are much smaller, his “moustache” is shorter and confined to his face, and the gear on his tummy has been morphed into a kind of strange ball. The end result is uniquely proportioned, but it works.

Oh great, he’s learned how to time travel.

…Is anybody else positively perplexed about Terrorin’s face? Given their colour, it seems as though those two angled slats are meant to be his eyebrows, and the circle and rectangle are like his “eyes”. But because they’re so far down on his face, I cannot help but always see the slats as his eyes, and the circle and square as like, strange spectacles (particularly because the circle is clearly meant to represent a monocle). It certainly doesn’t help that his terribly inaccurate in-game sprites only show the slats. Given that one of the artists for the official 4-komas found in the guidebook feels the same way I do, I feel kind of validated, but then again, those comics aren’t necessarily canon.

Are they eyes or are they glasses? The eternal question…

I’ll leave you all to restlessly ponder this conundrum forevermore.

That’s all I have for this article! Please check back now and then, as I do intend to showcase even more keshi in the future. My other sets are incomplete, but some are missing just one or two figures. It may be a while.

If you like Bomberman, well, so do I! Obviously! Please take a look at my other articles on the subject. Thanks for reading!

h/t: Special thanks to Ragey for helping me find the vast majority of this set, and also for scanning the Super Bomberman 5 Hudson Official Guidebook, which contained the 4-koma above.

Edited 8/20/2017 to include pictures of extra Pirate, Dave, Gary, Plunder, and Terrorin figures.

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