Jet Bomber

Jet Bomber’s jets are in a nifty pose here, over his shoulders as though he’s about to take off, just like in the game. It never struck me before looking at this figure that he actually does have two big jets connected to a smaller jetpack. I guess my next question is why the four even have those jetpacks in the first place (are they even jetpacks?).

He tips subtly forward, possibly to counterbalance the weight of his jets, and stands rather firmly.

I don’t have much to say about him, but he’s a great addition to the set!

Lady Bomber (#8)

Ah, Lady Bomber. Your comrades were all named after their weapons, but I suppose that wouldn’t have been feminine enough? It’s doubly sad that this is only the second of two female Bombermen to even be depicted across the entire keshi line.

Unpainted versions. The red one was the first copy I obtained.

This is one of my favourite figures, though. It’s Lady Bomber, and in a flashy pose! The bits (yes, they are referred to as bits for some reason) surrounding her are even painted in the proper colours. You’d think that the positioning of her feet would throw off her balance, and you’d be right – without her jetpack, she topples quite easily. But with the pack on, she stands upright generally well.

Note the one on the left…

Something to mention here is that the painted figures are not designed to be detachable. The back attachments are stuck into the bodies something fierce, and I don’t dare try to remove them. Especially because I have a copy of painted Lady Bomber who has been given such a treatment. The hole in her back looks about the same as it does on the unpainted version, but there’s a mess of rough silver paint there that clearly indicates that it wasn’t meant to be ripped apart. So if you land one of these guys, please, don’t tear them apart!

Bazooka Bomber

I quite like Bazooka’s pose. It’s interesting without sacrificing his balance whatsoever. Now, I’d always found it strange that Bazooka’s face looks rather similar to that of Brain Bomber, but even though I know what he looks like in his artwork, the sculpt really brings out the details that make him unique in his own right.

The end of his bazooka is flat, but given the high detail everywhere else, I’m not even slightly disappointed by it.

Great Bomber

Finally, it’s the big man himself, Great Bomber. As expected by now, his spread feet make him susceptible to toppling without his cape, but his cape helps him keep better balance. The injection site is really well obfuscated, such that the only possibility I can discern is a tiny circle on the bottom of his left foot. The only thing I could say is off is that the inside of his cape is blue instead of the whiter tone it’s meant to be, but at that point, I’m just stretching to find something. I can’t really stress how great the painted keshi look in this set. It’s a shame they’re so hard to find.

Like most figures in this set, Great Bombers in the wild tend to come without capes…

As one final note, if you’re looking at the pictures in the guidebook, you may notice that some of the colours are a bit different – namely, the villains’ faces are all completely black! Thankfully, in the released keshi, this is corrected, so that they all sport the grey (or brown, in Great’s case) faces of their artwork. It’s an interesting difference though, and it makes me wonder how it happened.

Well, I’m running out of things to say in this article! Please stay tuned, as my article for the 10-figure Super Bomberman 3 translucent set will be coming some day! I’ve completed the collection, I just need to put everything together (and trust me when I say that it really takes time).

If you like Bomberman, well, so do I! Obviously! Please take a look at my other articles on the subject. Thanks for reading!

All art was scanned in from the Super Bomberman 4 manual.
Special thanks to Ragey and another close friend of mine for gifting me most of these figures! <3

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