Golem Bomber

This is actually the first Bomberman keshi that I ever collected, so having him in my final article is kind of a strange bookend to my journey. At the time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into – I just saw real merchandise of one of my favourite characters and had to have it! But there’s not a lot to write about him by now.

Two Golem Bombers.

Because his red bombs were just, well, red bombs, the bomb in his hand looks like a standard model.

Pretty Bomber

This Pretty Bomber figure is pretty similar to the other, solid-coloured one in the Super Bomberman 3 set, but her pose is tweaked, she’s not winking, and she holds a Heart Bomb in her hand. Because of that last detail, this is one of those figures that you should be careful with. The bend of her elbow is rather fragile and could probably be easily snapped. Other than that, it’s the third and final sculpt of Pretty Bomber, the character who takes up 3/5 of the sculpts of the total number of female Bomberman keshi.

Brain Bomber

Like my other Brain Bomber, I’m missing the cape attachment for this one. I imagine that it would help his balance if he had it. As for the sculpt, it’s very similar to the old one, with the main differences being that he’s lacking a few of the “bolts” on his eyepiece, his cloak now has a pin and an ending instead of just being a solid wrap, and he’s holding a Remote Bomb. The bomb is kind of blank, unlike the ones he used in the previous game.

I’ve obtained two, and I still have no cape… so good luck!

Plasma Bomber

We’re finally here – the very last keshi in the classic series to be covered! Plasma Bomber, unlike his friends, just has a basic bomb in his hand, for reasons that will likely never be explained. His lightning bolt emblem is tweaked a bit from the way it looked in the previous sculpt, and there are other insignificant differences.

How do I always end up with so many Plasma Bombers?

His pose kind of mirrors that of Pretty Bomber, and for that reason, his elbow is also fragile. In the picture above, the blue figure’s arm is actually broken off. It just came that way in a package I obtained. Let that be a warning – be careful with these guys. They’re hard enough to find as-is!

And… that’s it. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve covered every single keshi from the classic Bomberman franchise… even though I’m plagued with dreams that I keep finding more!

So what do I do now? Start collecting B-Daman figures or, dare I even, B-Daman keshi?… Probably not. At least, not for now. This is a rather expensive endeavour and I can’t really justify continuing it on my own or allowing my friends to help me. But I’m glad that we’ve made it to the end, and I hope that our efforts have produced an informative and tantalizing catalogue for all of you Bomberman fans out there! Thanks for reading!

The Misobon art was scanned in from the Super Bomberman 3 manual.
Special thanks to Ragey for gifting me most of these figures! <3

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