Pretty Bomber

This is one of two Pretty Bomber figures released for Super Bomberman 3. It’s actually pretty similar to the other one, though not identical. There are some subtle differences in the positioning of her feet and her scarf, and her dress in this version is actually much more detailed than that of the other variant. Also, while the other figure holds a heart bomb in her raised hand, this one simply waves while winking and looking off to the side. Taking a look at the arm, I believe that it’s actually stronger at the elbow than the other figure’s arm. I’m pretty sure that this is because the translucent one is made of softer material. Taking a look at the face, it represents the evolution of her art style; the earlier Super Bomberman 2 figure has the bigger, wider eyes (I’ll show it to you someday… I’m holding out for a SB2 Brain Bomber that actually has his cloak).

As far as I’m aware, this Pretty Bomber is actually one of only four female characters represented in the entire Bomberman franchise keshi line. Three of the four of them are copies of Pretty Bomber in different poses. That’s… pretty sad.

Also sad: I've collected three different colours and none of them are pink</em>.

Also sad: I’ve collected three different colours and none of them are pink.

…I said that back then, and then later, I got two of them.

Bomber Uhho

He’s from Kenya, and he’s, um, a tribesman. Hey, okay, he looks super cool, right? I think he does. His name is “Bomber Uhho”, and “uhho” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for… uh… grunting…… Is this racist? Look, Japan, I don’t think you’re trying to be racist with these World Bombers – we’ve got a gunslinging, hamburger-eating cowboy representing us, and you’ve even got a kimono-wearing karaoke man representing you. I know you’re not trying to be mean-spirited, and maybe Americans take things a bit too seriously, but…


Bomber Uhho does look really good here. Being a bigger character, he’s scaled down a lot, so much so that he’s actually shorter than Mexican Bomber. His pose is almost identical to his artwork, except that the positioning of his arms is flipped, likely to keep the spear both in a decent range for the mold as well as the gachapon capsule it would end up in. Speaking of those capsules, his spear is kind of flimsy, and is totally subject to bending. Mine has been bent a lot, as you can see. Also, now that I’m inspecting him more closely, his feet seem a little bigger and his head a little smaller than they should be, but despite all that it’s a very neat keshi.

Bomber Kid

Sometimes translated as “Bomber the Kid”, Bomber Kid is… oddly short in this appearance. It’s not all that noticeable when he’s next to other characters, because he’s not even half a centimeter off from White Bomber, but if you put him up next to Indy Bomber it’s really noticeable. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the hat because Bomber Cossack is taller than him, but it’s possible.

Being an American, Bomber Kid has a revolver in his hand and a belt full of bullets slung over his shoulder. It’s covering up his belt buckle, so who knows if the buckle would still read “UK” like it does in his artwork. Speaking of his artwork, his pose is pretty close to it. Most of the World Bomber keshi are rather similar in design to the game art.

Like Bomber Chun, his feet are turned a little too far from each other, which makes him more susceptible to toppling.

This town ain’t big enough for the three of us…

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