Metal Bomber

Metal Bomber is so cool. He’s this heavy-metal-grinding, pointy-shades-wearing shy-guy-with-a-cool-facade. And he’s British. Is there really anything more you could ask for?

His figure is super-detailed, as usual, even down to the little spikes coverhing his cuffs and boots. The “UK” is missing from his belt buckle for some reason, and I don’t believe that this version of him (he had a different appearance in Super Bomberman Panic Bomber W) is supposed to have an antenna, but neither of these things really take away from the appearance… Okay, the missing “UK” is a pretty big oversight, but still.

He’s throwing a couple of thumbs-ups, which makes him great for posing alongside other things for potentially amusing results.

Alternatively, you could pose him beside copies of himself…

Mexican Bomber

Mexican Bomber is a weird guy. He replaced Rasta Bomber in the World Bombers lineup and looks exactly like a lighter-skinned, taller, skinnier version of him with different colours. I guess Jamaica and Mexico are pretty much the same thing to a foreigner crafting characters based on ethnic tropes?

Just as in his artwork, he’s dual-weilding maracas, which is pretty terrifying if you ask me. Interestingly, the keshi actually fixes a problem with the artwork – in the art, his belt buckle says “USA” for some reason, while the keshi’s buckle reads “UMS”, the country he’s stated to represent. Also, his hair looks considerably fuller in this figure. It’s pretty awesome. On a side note, he leans forward in a kind of strange way, which I assume is meant to offset the weight of his luxurious hair. Unlike most of the bigger characters, he didn’t get scaled down; instead, they just made him a bit shorter and made his head a little shorter, though he’s still taller than the other characters.

Hmm… still needs more maracas.

Bomber Chun

The English localizations have a bad habit of calling this guy “Bomber Chen” for reasons science cannot explain. His figure is only a little bit shorter than the others, as it should be, due to being an old man. His pose resembles that of his artwork. I will go ahead and say, at this point, that I’m glad that, for the characters who have them, they included instruments and weapons in this set. It makes them stand out from the plethora of other Bombermen.

There’s a slight issue with my Chun’s feet which gives him a little trouble standing up. I assume that this is because, in addition to his feet being posed in such a way that they minimize the depth of his base, he was cramped up in a capsule at some point in time, and his feet warped a bit. He has really, really thin feet in comparison to pretty much any other figure I’m aware of, barring Rui, but that doesn’t really count. Still, it’s his appropriate appearance, so I can’t fault them for it. I just have to kind of lean him against something. He’s old, he needs the support.

It’s at this point you realize you’ll be sitting through three life stories before it’s your turn at the DMV.

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